QSC Battle of the Bands Contest

I love how this video turned out, especially when you consider how boring most live sound promo videos are. It cuts an interview with a live performance to show how real musicians use this gear. 

What makes a mic good for podcasting? Well, it depends...

What are you endeavoring to do? In the event that the objective is to impeccably repeat the sound the mic gets, it may be unusable outside of a studio or vocal stall. Some mics are intended for use in a high encompassing clamor condition. What they record sounds quite awful yet it's a minor marvel that they record anything usable in their foreordained condition. 

An inside look at Moog

Getting to interview the creators of this synth was really a pleasant surprise. Their decisions weren't just based on what was the cheapest option, or what was trendy, they focused on building off the Moog legacy while still designing gear that has the modern musician in mind.

VMAs and People Magazine.

A lot of weird stuff has gone down at the VMAs. To help People Magazine cover the top five moments, I tracked and edited the voice over for this animation, as well as part of the sound design. 

Carlos Gemora loved the feeling of the dirt at the cemetary where he used to dig graves.  One day he climbed down into the loamy, silty soil and looked up at the sky.  It felt like a womb... a death womb. 

This piece was produced by Alex Kime and Jeff Emtman, with support from Bethany Denton.

Mike Rea, Artist with Ethan Gill

Artist Mike Rea, fresh off installing an exhibit of intricate and magnificently detailed wood sculptures sits down with fellow artist Ethan Gill, sharing personal insight into his artistic process.

Andy Ricker

Listen to one of Chicago's best food writers, Kevin Pang, chats with Andy Ricker, one of the country’s most acclaimed chefs, about Ricker’s passion for Thai cooking, running restaurants all over the country, and more.

Fred + Toody Cole of Dead Moon

Listen in as Fred and Toody talk about their durability as a musical unit and how their do-it-yourself mentality has attributed to their success, which includes 20 prolific years in punk band Dead Moon. Enjoy untold stories and opinions about their career and approach as a duo, including a look at the evolution of Portland over the last decade, from when they came up in the DIY punk scene to now.

Robert Ryan

Robert talks with publisher Tim Kinsella about his practice, career and complete dedication to the process of making the 160-page monograph, covering two decades of stunning paintings & tattoos, interviews with art and music luminaries about his work and subject matter, detailing Ryan’s personal journey and progression as an artist.

Mike Killion, Great Lakes Surfer

Honoring the hotel’s collaboration with Ship To Shore Productions on Cherry Circle Yacht Club – a pop-up bar experience that debuted at Chicago Athletic Association hotel during the America’s Cup sailing competition on Lake Michigan – STS co-founder and sailing photographer Zachary James Johnston and fellow Great Lakes surfer/photographer Mike Killion share tales of surfing in the freezing winter months, finding like-minded surfers in the most unlikely places and discovering techniques for tracking surfing conditions along the lakefront.

The Band American Football

Fresh from their self-titled album release show, Indie-Rock band American Football join music critic, Leor Galil, for a candid conversation about the realities of facing the spotlight through the many stages of being a tenured band.